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Forstner FAQ's - Import, Shipping and more.

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Importing in to the EU (All Orders).

Q: Are EU taxes included in the final purchase price for all EU countries?

A: When the UK left the EU, it make trading with EU countries a little difficult in terms of tax. The EU allowed each individual member state to set their own VAT and duty amount by %. This means there in some countries you may pay more taxes and duties as opposed to others.

  • The new regulations remove the previous VAT exemption for goods valued up to €22, therefore VAT for goods ranging from €0 to €150 must now be paid in the EU member state the goods will be delivered.
  • Customs duties are applied to all goods and services valued at €150 or more upon importation into the EU.

Q: What is IOSS (Import One Stop Shop) shipping?

A: This is the system businesses use to collect tax on your behalf. We then pay that tax to where our IOSS number is located (Netherlands) and then it is paid on to each member state. It’s worth noting that IOSS is only applicable to items that cost less than €150. If an item total is over €150 total, you are responsible to pay the duties and taxes on import. This is known as DDP (Delivered Duty paid).

Customs Clearance.

Q: My item is stuck in customs, what can I do?

A: If your item is processing in your countries customs, this can take quite a while or it may sail straight through. Forstner Bands UK or the shipping company have no influence on how fast an order will take to clear customs. Please check with your countries customs office to see if there is a hold or something stopping it clearing customs and being delivered. Please do not email us as we cannot do anything.


Q: What company do you use to ship products with?

A: We use several companies to ship worldwide, these included DHL, DPD and Royal Mail. This is for both domestic and international orders.

Q: Is a tracking number provided?

A: Yes, every parcel gets a tracking number. This should be emailed to you when the item has been packed and a label created. If you do not get a tracking number, please contact us on we will send you it.