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Royal Mail Postage Issues - UK & International.

Please Read.

Over the last few months, Forstner UK has had many bracelets go missing in the post, either in the UK or international countries.  

The Issue 

The problem started after Brexit. When I ship the strap out, it now has to clear customs in any EU destination country. This is not something you or I cannot bypass or change. Remember there was free trade before Brexit, but now EVERY single item has to clear customs regardless. This is the same if you have ordered from the USA, Canada etc.

When a package leaves Langly (Royal Mail International Hub) it should be issued a scan in the arrival country, this scan is not happening in some countries. Therefore, there is no onward scan to track in the country of destination.

I have spent hours on the phone to Royal Mail for updates, causes, possible things I can do to possibly help the item clear customs faster but nothing is possible in this respect. Royal Mail or any other postal service have no influence on the speed, handling or any other factor of customs clearance.

It has been known that items are taking unto 6 weeks to arrive.

The countries that are most affected are:


I simply have no way of knowing when an order will be delivered to your door. This is completely out of my control.

Currier companies have in house customs teams so handle the clearance for you. You can take advantage of this by using express shipping at checkout. Yes, it's extra but its a faster service by a long way. 

Thanks for the understanding.


Darren - Forstner Bands UK Ltd