Notice of 10% Retail Price Increase for all UK & EU Orders

Why a price increase?

Since Forstner came to the UK, I have tried to keep the price to a minimal cost for all buyers, there has actually not been a price increase since the first order back in December 2019.

In the current market, everything is increasing in cost. From shipping to me from Forstner direct, to shipping to you.

For example, around 300 bracelets used to cost circa £70 for the DHL airfreight from the US to my door, this has now risen to over  £130 since 2019. The cost of all the packaging, postage to you, as well as office and storage costs just keep rising. The GBP against the USD has dropped significantly since 2019 also.

This leaves me with no other option to increase the cost across all products to cover these costs. This is something I have thought about in great detail, but I have no other option as I cannot take all of the costs at the current rates.

The increase is 10% across all products and will come in to affect on the 15th May 2022.

It really is a last resort and didn't want to increase the price at all but I hope you all understand why I have had to implement this.

As always UK VAT is taken off at checkout for ALL EU orders as well as other countries. UK orders the VAT is included in the price.

Thanks to everyone for your support and orders, it really is appreciated.


Darren - Director, Forstner UK.